Third best beach bar in the world?

When The Man Times heard that the 3rd best beach bar in the world was in Wales we were intrigued, and frankly we couldn’t pass up the opportunity and pay a visit to try it for ourselves!

Ty Coch Inn which translates as the Red House is located in the tiny and I mean tiny village of Porthdinllaen on the Llyn peninsula in North Wales. The Inn itself is small on the inside and traditionally decorated with a not particularly vast selection of beers and at first it’s difficult to see what all the fuss is about. You walk straight off the beach into a room no more than 15 feet deep, with very little seating, in fact there’s more room to sit outside than inside.

At first I thought the secret was out, people strewn across the beach in front of the pub, dogs everywhere and thought oooh no, as I watched one dog take a dump while its owner blatantly ignored it and to be honest I was struggling with the notion of this being voted 3rd best beach bar in the world. It’s not exactly Cafe del Mar, or its hipster counterpart Kumharas, or frankly any of the other bars in the top 10.

It was when I saw a 5 year old send his dad’s best off spinner 50 yards over his head and the dejected look on his face as he trudged to retrieve the errant ball it started to dawn on me. While there few uglier sites in this world than middle aged British people on holiday this place is and fundamentally remains a pub. A traditional British pub and it makes no attempt to be anything else, just with the added bonus of a beach out front!


What sets this place apart is that you can do all manner of things here that other bars simply don’t give you the option too! They host Live bands on the beach in summer and the food is good, some of it particularly the mussels often caught that day.

If I want to remove the top of my child’s off stump with a nasty googly that turns off a pebble, then retire to the bar to quaff another well-earned pint, then there’s nothing stopping me from doing that. Aside from the fact I don’t have any children… And I don’t know how to bowl a googly, but that’s not the point! I can’t do that at Cafe del Mar or Kumharas, or most other places for that matter. I can have a good old fashioned pint on the beach; nip down to the sand to take in some great views in relative peace and quiet.

Whether it is the 3rd best beach bar in the world, Honestly I don’t know, but I can see what its for and I can see why people like it.  Its biggest downside…. The good old British Weather.

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