Recommended Listen: Nerdist Podcast

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Recommended Listen: Nerdist Podcast

Nerdist podcast started in early 2010 and despite Wikipedia’s description of it as a “weekly” interview show at time of writing they are approaching podcast number 650 which by our rudimentary maths means that rather than being weekly it is in fact 69 hourly, meaning you get one podcast per 69 hours which is a lot more fun to say than “not quite tri-daily”.

The brainchild of host Chris Hardwick the podcast not only celebrates Nerd culture, which is something we can appreciate as nerdiness permeates through the office walls here at The Man Times. The walls at the Man Times are all glass so we can only assume that Nerd culture is probably photonic in nature somewhere around x-rays on the EM spectrum, if you believe that the entire electromagnetic spectrum is varied energy photons, which it is.

Hardwick is a comedian primarily by trade but turns his hand to hosting various TV Shows, panels and 762,354 other things to go with it so suffice it to say he’s talented. He is joined by fellow stand-ups and good buddies Matt Mira and Jonah Ray and between them all they managed to keep the laughs flowing whilst at times managing to get genuinely profound with their guests understanding their motivations.

I’ve been a listener for barely three months, but I have attacked their back catalogue with vigour and it’s the enthusiasm Hardwick and co treat every guest that keeps me going through so many episodes. Early highlights were Joel McHale and Danny Pudi which I sought out as TMT is filled with Community fans, but there are highlights and surprises throughout the back catalogue. For one, professor Brain Cox who randomly turned up with Eric Idle before both of them totally scienced (that’s not a word but I’m going to invent the verb for it) all over the Nerdist Crew. To go entirely the other way the CM Punk episodes are both excellent, as are Aziz Ansari, Simon Amstel. The Dan Harmon episode is pretty emotional, a genuine highlight!

What makes this podcast so great is that for a while it seemed like a genuine labor of love, Hardwick, Mira and Ray genuinely care about the show, its content and their guests and that love comes across in . Subscribe to this podcast as soon as you can, and then attack the back catalogue because it’s a veritable gold mine of laughs and insight. Hardwick’s comedy special Mandroid exists out there in internet land also find it and watch it (legitimately) I’ve seen it and its great. Visit listen, watch and enjoy.

Much love to you Nerds from The Man Times.

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