Is Batman working in our office?

Rob December 5, 2013 0
Is Batman working in our office?

We here at the MT are an observant bunch. We notice many many mostly pointless things. This observation however is truly worthy of comment.

We’re pretty sure we have Batman working in our office. Yes that’s right, god damn Batman. Our suspicions were roused by the following seemingly unconnected events, which in retrospect funnily enough coincided with the recruitment of a new IT guy with a cane….

1. We lost all internet connectivity (EVEN YOUTUBE) over night, probably some sort of Waynetech jammer gadget in play? Definitely.

2. We keep getting voicemails from Commissioner Gordon asking about replacement giant light bulb stockists.

3. We received an invoice from OsCorp industries for 3.2M USD chargeable for repairing “one damaged Gob-wing” stating Spiderman said we’d front the cash.

4. The Bats protection league want to put up some boxes on the outside of the office stating rather vaguely “There is a need.”

We’re pretty convinced however we’ll try and get some pictures….



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