Worst Movie Fights Ever!

Edgy November 27, 2014 0
Worst Movie Fights Ever!

Everyone loves a good fight scene, they can make or break a movie. Bruce Lee in the Final fight of Enter the Dragon, Classic. Neo vs Agent Smith’s in the Matrix quality. Hell the whole of Kill Bill Volume 1, all of these are classic fight scenes in legendary movies.

These however are most certainly not.

You can see what these guys were trying to do but what actually ends up happening is a terrible actor repeating the same moves over and over again on two muscular fat guys.

Here’s a sword fight from the move Deathstalker 3. No we hadn’t heard of it either but it is horrendous, from the poor choreography to the absolutely horrendous dialog rounded off by the massively painful act of having a blanket put on your head.

OK I admit it, the guy in the Wheelchair is pretty bad ass but the rest of it leaves plenty to be desired including the guy who needless somersaults himself onto a bench.

Broadly unfeasible, I mean you like a bit of realism in your fight scene even if it goes all Crouching Tiger, but this is just plain stupid.

Short and sweet this one. But more importantly its utter tripe, if the old faithful move of kick him in the nuts fails but he can be completely destroyed by running into a rock…WTF man!

This one starts out pretty interesting, there’s a scary looking blade involved and everything, then it turns into a homo-erotic nightmare wheh they remove their shirts for no apparent reason. Things pick up when the guy looses an eye and then it disappears of the face of a cliff!

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