Remember when Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston tried to sell us Windows 95

Windows 95, changed everything in personal computing, windows suddenly became usable by the masses. To tell the masses about this, Microsoft decided to get two of the biggest names around to help launch their new operating system. They chose Friends stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston and got them to star in the world’s first, “Cyber Sitcom”.

What Microsoft gave us is some of the most retro cringe anybody could ever wish to find including some of the most bizarre pronunciation of MicrOsoft. Bill Gates’s amazing storage of the worlds most random Chinese restaurant menu on his computer which he apparently faxes through to the restaurant on a regular basis.

Other Highlights are Boris the obese window cleaner who takes our stars through “plug and play” wittily described as “a hair replacement for kids” Anyway don’t take my word for it! It would be a long time before other “Cyber Sitcoms” would ever hit our screens,
such as NEVER but you have to admire MicrOsoft’s hutspa, email, the internet and complex networking were mysteries to most people in the normal world at that time. Minus points for the very cringy white guy, Chinese restaurant waiter though.