Cinnamon Challenge Fails

Edgy January 18, 2015 0
Cinnamon Challenge Fails

The Cinnamon Challenge has been everywhere for the last two years or more, here’s a small compilation of people who really didn’t take to it to well. People don’t seem to realize that cinnamon has the power to dehydrate your mouth in seconds!


Absolutley Hilarious, its important to realise what you’re supposed to do before you go balls to the wall and make a fool out of yourself for the world to see… 42 million times.


This hottie makes some damn wierd noises when she muffs this one up!


Another one who goes for a balls to the wall amount of cinnamon. MISTAKE!! She is atleast wearing a bikini top while she nearly dies.


This one is ballsy, she comes very close to completing it, but the eyes say pain and I reckon there’s a brief pause in the filming when she goes to vomit!


Not hot and very old but there are dentures everywhere at the end of the day, suffice it to say she doesnt win the $50 bet she makes with her family.

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