10 annoying things today’s Kids wont have to endure

Rob February 3, 2015 0
10 annoying things today’s Kids wont have to endure

1. Being told to go to bed by a TV (limited to 3 or 4 channels) with this Ceefax picture or the    very creepy “BBC Test screen” with a weird girl and doll.

2. Winding camera film and being limited to perhaps 36 shots – On developing you’d get around half the taken volume and these would be cr*p.

3. Blockbuster, VHS and tedium rewinding things on cassette – being annoyed when the person who had them last didn’t re-wind them… then not re-winding it when you were done.

4. Making the choice – Home phone or Internet. Arse-achingly slow dial up internet that used the only phone line and tied up when you used it.

5. Getting stuff you “videoed” tapped over by over family members.

6. Pay phones and having to have change.

7. Looking for a number in a phone book that’s 2 years old.

8. Waiting a week to record a tune off the radio only to have the DJ ruin it by talking over it.

9. The Police Academy films.

10. Walkman’s and portable CD players that chewed batteries or skipped with the lightest movement.


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