When Rockets Explode!

When Rockets Explode

With the recent explosion of a NASA rocket and the hell of a bang it made, we thought it would be pretty cool to compile a video of some of the better Rocket explosions. I will point out now, that these are unmanned Rockets and Nobody died as a result of any of these incidents so feel free to enjoy with your moral compass still intact.

We at The Man Times respect everyone who is willing to ride on what is little more than a controlled explosion in the furthering of science, the universe and the human condition.

Antares V 28-10-2014

The reason for this colossal explosion is as yet unknown but rest assured it will have been costly, not only for the cost of the Rocket but the launch pad will have been almost completely destroyed by this almighty bang.

Ariane V 04-06-1996

This was billed as the most expensive coding error in the history of rocketry, a tiny mistake in what was probably no more than one line of the Rockets software caused an error in the guidance processor before the Self destruct kicked in.

Delta II 17-01-1997

This makes an almighty bang when this mother goes up, I love even more the control tower describing this as an anomaly with the rocket. The anomaly presumably being bits of Delta II rocket can now be found all over Central Florida, talk about your understatement!

Proton-M 12-07-2013

A Soviet Rocket here, the Proton is normally one of the more reliable rockets around, this time they tried to turn it in to a missile! Nobody was hurt.

Sea Launch Zenit3SL 30-01-2007

Sea Launch was a company with a very clever Idea, you take an old oil rig, sail it to the equator where its more fuel efficient to launch rockets and use it as a mobile launch pad. All of this is a great idea but it kind of puts you eggs in one basket, a basket now with bits resting on the bottom of the ocean. Amazingly the platform survived this but blast deflectors and other bits are now at the bottom of the Pacific.

Titan IV 08-12-1998

The last Titan IV launch for “Americas Silent Hero”, the launch controller sounds positively crestfallen when it all goes wrong after giving it the big one throughout the launch.

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