When Demolition Goes Wrong

At the man times, we watching stuff blow up.  The bigger the bang and the larger the dust cloud the better.  One thing we also love is when people seriously mess up the whole thing.  Here are some video disasters of shit being blown up that didn’t go quite as planned, including one of my favorites a Sperm Whale.


London Apartment Block Fail

These Cockney Geezers made an absolute state of trying to bring down this tower of council house crap.

Dust Cloud Error

Somebody forgot to take into account there might be a massive dust cloud!

Sky Scraper Fail

If you’re blowing up a tall building the trick is not to split the building down the middle, leave one half standing and let the other half fall to the floor as a complete block. Shame these clowns didn’t get that memo.

If all else fails push it over

These Aussies teach an important lesson in triumph over adversity, if all else fails use a pair of diggers to finish the job.

Sperm Whale Everywhere

This guy forgets that dead bodies can build up methane gas, so his plan to slowly dissect a beached dead Sperm Whale is given something of a speed boost when he makes the wrong move.

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