World Rally Ace Loeb Smashes Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge Record!

Anyone who played Gran Turismo 2 will be familiar with the Pikes Peak hill climb.  The annual event held, funnily enough at Pikes Peak Colorado is an official FIA event with various categories for cars, trucks, bikes, pretty much anything with wheels.   You will remember the giant Suzuki Escudo’s that were doing the rounds at the time with 900 horse power which were purpose built by Suzuki built to tackle this behemoth.


The 12 mile course climbs to a height of 1.4 miles has undergone some changes in the last few years with the dirt section shown above removed by the orders of pencil pushers so expect this record to go again in the not too distant future.  To outline how impressive this course is, imagine being on the start line at the Nurburgring driving as fast as you can, for a pretty similar length and finishing at a slightly higher altitude than Ben Nevis!

Despite the changes, the Hill Climb Challenge is still a heck of a race and this year Frenchman Loeb has managed to knock a massive 93 Seconds off the lap record.  93 seconds!!  Suzuki have dominated this event in recent years but this year Loeb and the guys from Peugeot decided to have a crack at it, and they decided to use… a Peugeot 208.


This is no ordinary Peugeot 208.   The cars in the Pikes Peak challenge are far too heavily modified for an ordinary 208 WRC car to challenge the record, and they need to be when you are climbing on average 8 feet per second!  That’s higher than the average house in 5 seconds!!

This 208 T16 has a rear mounted a 3.2-litre, twin-turbo V6 engine, developing 875 bhp and weighs in at only 875kg.  That’s 1000bhp per ton; Double that of a Bugatti Veyron!  The T16 was purpose built by the guys at Peugeot was built specifically for this event and they handed the reins to 9 times world rally champion, and the most successful rally driver of all time Sebastian Loeb!  His time of 8:13.878 blasted 93 seconds off the lap record set in 2011 by Japanese driver Nobuhiro Tajima.

This video was taken from the onboard camera during his run.

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