The Football Ramble Podcast

Est 2007 – The most entertaining voice in Football

What began as 2007 as a labor of love has grown into the largest independent Football podcast in the UK.  (That ‘s the standard introduction on any article about the Ramble) Erudite, witty and always she opinionated the 4 men, Journalist Luke Moore, Comedian Jim Campbell Radio DJ Pete Donaldson are expertly held in check by smooth toned host Marcus Speller, run through the weeks Premier League and European action with a sideways glance. Often the moral voice the Rambler’s will take on the issues where others fear to tread. Their work around the Luis Suarez racism claims was exemplary, similarly their tackling of the Qatar stadium labor issues, not bound by the overall politics of a mass media outlet their independence allows them to approach sporting debate without fear of reproach while recognizing that rarely are issues simply black and white.

In an age of footballing cynicism The Football Ramble is passionate and forthright. The 4 are first and foremost football fans, who pay their own way in the football. They aren’t journalists talking about games they were paid to go to anyway, they are every-men like you or I.  Their website and forums are a hotbed of activity with great content uploaded all the time and loads of ways to interact with the guys (Check out my own Mention in the episode All rounders around 43:50.) The ramble was downloaded over 10 million times during the 2012-2013 season and was recently voted in Esquire Magazine’s top 21 podcast to listen to, and as  a Ramble Listener myself over the last few years who are we to argue with them!

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