The Brady Bunch Meets Manchester49ers in Week 8

5th-place Manchester49ers (4-3, 705.48) looks for their third straight win as they take on 11th-place The Brady Bunch (3-4, 733.76) this week. Manchester49ers earned a 98.98 to 78.24 win over P Cox’s last week, while The Brady Bunch knocked off Cheshire Cheese Heads, 117.72 to 93.76. The Brady Bunch has a 16.54-point advantage in the initial projections, 137.74 – 121.20.

Each team ranks in the bottom half of the league in scoring average. The Brady Bunch ranks 11th, with 104.82 points per game, while Manchester49ers ranks 12th with 100.78. The Brady Bunch has the San Diego Chargers DEF (2.00 projected points) and Nick Novak (8.00 projected points) playing in the Thursday night game, while all of the starters for Manchester49ers are scheduled to play later. Five of the six other league matchups open on Thursday.

The Brady Bunch has a remarkable advantage at RB, where they’re projected to outscore Manchester49ers 35.50 – 19.70.

Due to bye weeks, both teams will be missing players. Michael Crabtree and Carlos Hyde won’t be available for The Brady Bunch, while Manchester49ers will be without Odell Beckham. LeSean McCoy (15.80 projected points) and Mike Evans (15.00 projected points) return from bye for Manchester49ers this week.

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