The Beautiful Game

Well that was a good first half over all for England, yet again the women show they are getting closer and closer to the level of the game men are reaching… If you are one of those that say well women will never understand “the” game you have not been watching the development of the womens game and do not understand football and not a Man!

Personally I have per-say follwed the womens game (certainly not as I have the mens) but I do catch at least a bit of the F.A. Cup final each year and a bit of international here and there and year on year the games get better and better.

You try and argue that over the years football in general hasn’t changed and brought in rules to give it more flair, it’s why I don’t think you can compare players of different era’s you can only judge them by their peers.

Hell we used to play Sheffield rules have heavy  leather balls and crunching tackles that could cripple a “real” man, let’s see Messi deal with them, oh he doesn’t the ref See’s to that.

At least in womens football you get some skill and none of this rolling around crying on the floor and they are not doing it for the money, just look at the deal the F.A. did for playing international games for each of the teams last time around.

Ok the goal keepers can be pretty bad. Except for a couple of exceptions but they are more seasoned countries. Even in some current mens teams around the world that are fairly new to the sport it’s the goal keeping that comes last. They are a strange and crazy breed that only come to the game with time, they’re currently off throwing hard round lumps of leather or plastic at each other with sticks. They call it fun and it is 🙂

Unlucky at the end, just shows how close they are and just think guys if they keep on this trajectory we could have a Beckham with actual tits, instead of just Gazza.


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