Stadium Explosions!

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Stadium Explosions!

At The Man Times we love many things, but two of the things we love the most are American Football and massive explosions. When the opportunity came to compile a list of stuff that combines the two things we jumped at it.


Texas Stadium

The Former home of the Dallas Cowboy’s was blown to bits in 2010. 65,000 seats reduced to rubble in less than a minute. Lovely Stuff.

RCA Dome

The RCA Dome was the home of the Colts until it was popped in 2008. Those Americans love a dome for some reason, you can see the bits of fabric roof hanging around. In less than 40 seconds this whole stadium was reduced to rubble

Veterans Stadium

The former home of the Philadelphia Eagles bit the dust in 2004, its a traditional looking stadium and it frankly looks a bit shit, so good riddance.

Kingdome Stadium

Another Fuggo gets blown to shit here, this time its the former home of the Seattle Seahawks. This was not a pretty looking stadium, but the implosion was pretty cool!


Another dome bites the dust! A much weirder explosion here, just taking the overhang off the Metrodome in Minneapolis to start with.

Riverfront Stadium

This is the end of the Riverfront stadium in Cincinatti. Pretty Standard stadium explosion based on what we’ve seen, a lot of cheering from seemingly upset fans who apparently won’t miss this slice of their team’s history. Either that or their dim and will yell at any explosion.

Three Rivers Stadium

This marks the end of the Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Kudos to the noisy guy in the background of the video who thinks the dust from the explosion is smoke, idiot.

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