Six of the Best: Umpiring Errors

In honour of the Howler in the first ashes test, we at The Man Times decided to find some of crickets absolute blunders and put them there for you to admire!

6. I’ve no idea who this guy is, but what a howler!

The ball must be 18 inches from his bat, no body appeals, there’ no sound in this clip but I expect nobody in the crowd would have bothers.  This guy shouldn’t have walked!


5. This guy was in a different Postcode!

An ODI between Zimbabwe and the West Indies here and a blatant run out… Or so you’d think.  At normal speed he looks out, in slow motion he’s the most out batsman in the history of cricket! Even if they’re unsure the umpire can refer it to the 3rd umpire in these situations but in this case the umpire is certain Sarawan is in… He was the only one apparently.


4. An inside edge for the ages!

Gautam Gambhir gets a massive inside edge on this but Billy “Fucking Look At Me” Bowden decides to raise his crooked middle finger nice and early in this clash between India and Australia.


3. Robbed!

This one is as blatant as they come, and Wasim Akram had every right to be aggrieved by this shocker.  Massive noise, easy catch, blatant out… or not!


2. Sachin Dodges a Bullet!

Same as previous. Massive noise, easy catch, blatant out… or not!


1. Just in case you missed it!

Stuart Broad… Out, out as the day is long. Cheers Allem Dar!

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