Six of the Best – Premier League – Perfect Hat Tricks

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink

Everybody loves a Hat Trick, but everybody loves a perfect Hat Trick even more. Left Foot, Right Foot, Header. If you dont have one of each then I’m afraif your Hat Trick is just second rate, especially compared with some of these beauties. They’re pretty rare occurence too. There have been 30 odd Perfect Hat Tricks in the Premier League’s short history, you’ll be lucky if you see 2 of these are year.

Jimmy Floyd Hassselbaink v Tottenham – 13th March 2002

What I love most about these is the sheer violence Jimmy strkies the ball with, the fact that the two he hit with his feet were absoulte screamers.

Peter Crouch v Arsenal – 31st March 2007

Good touch, big man. The first two are pretty run of the mill but that 3rd is an absolute peach.

Steven Naismith v Chelsea – 12th September 2015

The way they stand the delivery up for the last one they he literally couldn’t miss it

Robbie Fowler v Arsenal – 23rd December 1995

Robbie Fowler is the king of Premier League perfect Hat Tricks, he has 3 to his name. Everyone else on the Hat Trick list has 1 except Yakubu with 2.

Thierry Henry v West Ham – 19th January 2003

Premier League Legend with a Legendary Hat Trick

Emile Heskey v Derby County – 15th October 2000

I wouldn’t ordinarily go with a 3rd Liverpool player, but 1, they’ve had more Premier League Hat Tricks than any other team and 2. Its Emile Heskey! This was during that one season when everyone thought he might turn out