Six of the best – 9 Dart Finishes

Perfection in Darts is the 9 dart finishes. There’s loads of Ways to achieve it but its not mathematically possible to do it in fewer darts. There are a few firsts in this collection and despite the fact he’s hit over a dozen 9 dart finishes Phil Taylor only features once. Its another one where we could have done six 9 darters from the Power alone but other darts players happen to exist.

John Lowe – 1984

This was the first ever televised 9 dart finish, way back in 194. Many had come close but few it seemed were able to cope with the pressure of the cameras. That was until John Lowe stepped up and won himself a cool $175,000 for achieving the feat. That was over £100k in English moneys and a hell of a lot of money in 1984! When Steve Davis hit the first ever televised maximum in Snooker in 1982 he won a Lada, so Lowe was well rewarded for his efforts.

Paul Lim – 1990

This is the first even 9 dart finish at a world championship even. American Paul Lim in 1990 won a lowly £52,000 for his effort in the world championship but I don’t think he’s have felt too down about it, Its better than a kick in the crotch… or a Lada. There’s some classic commentary with this one too.

Phil “The Power” Taylor – 2002

Phil “The Power” Taylor is well into double figures with the number of time’s he’s thrown 9 darters but this particular effort against Chris Mason was the first ever live televised 9 dart finish. Under the pressure, of the camera’s and the crowd with images been beamed into homes across the UK Taylor came up trumps and claimed himself a cool £100k. If there’s ever a better thrower of arrows than this guy I’ll be very suprised.

Adrian Lewis – 2015

This is about as good as you are going to see of a 9 dart finish. Every dart, down the middle, beautiful groupings, it seemed like it was never in doubt from the moment the first dart hit the treble 20. Before the match he said he felt good and that a nine darter was on and boy did he deliver. It must have thrown his concentration though because he would go on to lose the match to Raymond Van Barneveld.

Raymond Van Barneveld – 2009

Cool as you like this guy. Hits a perfect leg and barely even celebrates, I think he celebrated Adrian Lewis’s effort before this more than he celebrated his own. He’s all business Barney. All Business.

Simon Whitlock – 2012

This one from Simon Whitlock is impressive, after a slow start and throwing second his opponent opens up with a 180 just to heap the pressure on. His reply is impressive but then Andy Hamilton follows up with a 140 putting him in command of the leg. Whitlock holds his nerve and drills home the second 180 to take command and set up the 9 darter. From there on it was inevitable, incredible strength of character from Whitlock and even more impressive beard.

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