Six of the Best – 147 Breaks

With the end of the Masters snooker tournament we have a look at some of the greatest maximum breaks that the game has ever seen, from O’Sullivan wizardry to some monumental firsts. Snooker may not be the most entertaining sport, if you can call it that in the world but there is something special about watching a master do his work. Its difficult to lie, three of these are from the king of the 147 himself Ronnie O’Sullivan but he’s done so many of these I could have made the compilation about him alone but that would imply that there’s only ones by him that are note worthy and that’s not strictly true at all.

1. Ronnie O’Sullivan – 1997 – Fastest 147 Ever

Magic, just Magic from the “Rocket” Ronnie O’Sullivan, 147 in 5 minutes and 20 seconds, that’s less than 8 seconds a ball in fact if all snooker frames were this fast then the game would have no problem becoming more popular than it is. This particular 147 is about the most perfect snooker its possible to see from a snooker player in real life, He’s already walking to exactly where the ball is expected to be between shots. Magic, Pure Magic. Not to mention it rewarded him with a cool £147,000.

2. Steve Davis – 1982 – First Ever Televised 147

Before more enigmatic players were piling on the maximums, Steve Davis scored the first ever 147 ever to be televised. Steve Davis in the Lada classic, (the first time ever the words Classic and Lada have been combined into anything meaningful). It was a slow burner taking over 8 minutes to reach the century mark, fortunatley this video is cut down. He gets into a bit of trouble on the pink but plays a magnificent shot to get on the black and hammer home the maximum. The prize for his 147, a Lada. I wouldn’t have bothered.

3. Cliff Thorburn – 1983 – First Ever 147 at the World Championship

Thorburn Scored an impressive 151 in this frame after making opponent Terry Griffiths play away from a dangerously placed ball next to the Yellow. His first pot was jammy, an absolute fluke, a fluke that keot him around the blackball and allowed him to carry on building an impressive break. The rest is history as he went on to score the first ever break in the history of the World Snooker Championships. His prize was a rather handy £18,000 (which in 1983 money could have bought a small house)!

4. Jimmy White – 1992 – Whirlind’s Magical 147!

It wouldn’t be a snooker compilation without Jimmy White, he pummels Tony Drago in this frame, it was the second 147 at the cruicble and the first by a British player. 9 Years after Thorburn scored his impressive 147 the prizemoney rocketed from £18000 to a far more impressive £100,000 which would have bought him a much bigger house than Cliff Thorburn. The commentator rather rudley suggests that the frame score doesn’t really matter, I will tell you straight off the bat he’s wrong.

5. Ronnie O’Sullivan – 2014 – Deciding Frame to win the Welsh Open
The final frame of an open circuit tournament, against a quality opponent, you’ve built up a lead so allyou have to do is bring it home. But then there’s Ronnie, so you bring it home in style!

6. Ronnie O’Sullivan – 2010 – O’Sullivan Calls it

With 8 points on the board O’Sullivan stops the match to ask the referee if there’s a bonus for a maximum break, needing a further 33 straight pots to secure the maximum. He’s disappointed to find from the referee that there is no bonus for a maximum break, only £4000 for the highest break in the tournament. Despite this O’Sullivan sets about his business in Glasgow at the world open. and proceeds to clear up in decent time. When he sinks the pink he shakes his opponents hand and threatens to walk with the score at 140 before the ref persuades him that the paying public deserve it. After tax O’Sullivan would have made about £2000 of his bonus. I can see why he’s miffed.

If you think snooker is boring then feel sorry for me, I had to watch all these!

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