John Fox Perfect fit for Falcons

With the late arrival of John Fox on the coaching carousel he immediately becomes an intriguing candidate for the Atlanta Falcons Head Coach position. With Todd Bowles the current favourite for the Job the late Arrival of Fox must surely be turning heads at the Falcons, and if rumours are correct that Jack Del Rio will be allowed to seek alternative employment the pairing of Fox with the Falcons offence and an available Del Rio to work with the defence must surely be an exciting one for Falcons fans.

Little is wrong with the players that Falcons’ have on offence, they have an entrenched franchise quarterback some receiving talent to rival that of the Broncos his former team and with some help at running back could quickly become a force in the NFC South again on the offensive side of the ball. If Del Rio is allowed to go with him then there’s no reason they can’t patch up that suspect defence in the draft and free agency and get back to the double digit wins quickly.

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The prospect of Fox coming to work with Ryan and co must surely be an exciting one and if they can get that offence firing and the defence improved the NFC South might go from a terrible division in 2014 to a hotly contested one in 2015. The prospect of 2 Power offences if the Falcons and Saints can get them going and a Power defence in Carolina the division suddenly becomes an exciting prospect.

While Todd Bowles is an intriguing candidate Fox looks more set to work and improve with the pieces in place in Atlanta. Bowles represents wholesale changes for the Atlanta defence whereas Fox can maximise the Falcon’s offence which has the potential to blow teams away.

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