How not to draft your NFL Fantasy Team

Rob September 5, 2016 0
How not to draft your NFL Fantasy Team

Well candy my yams, the new NFL season is upon us.

That went well. Oh hang on a minute, that went as well as being a Penguin in a Polar bears only all-you-can-eat buffet.

After a pretty good season or two it looks like the good ship bumblebee man is about to hit the iceberg after unsuccessfully navigating a mine strewn area, being torpedoed thrice and cannibalising the severely malnourished, disease ridden crew.

I got draft pick one. This, you would think is a good thing.

It’s comparable to being the guest of honor at a great party in the worlds best bar with free drinks. You’re ushered in, given a great seat and get to have the first shout at the bar where you order the most expensive, desirable drink with a view to working you’re way through the extensive menu.

That’s where, mid first-sip you’re taped on the shoulder and told you’re the designated driver and can’t leave for the next 8 hours. The highlight being you get to sit around watching everyone else having a great time getting wasted while you drink alcohol free beer.

After first pick forget tactics. Forget choice and fore-go any idea you can do anything other than pick up what’s left. You have to go for the highest ranking of whats left – twice. Why? Everything else of interest has been snaffled.

In all honesty it’s not a terrible team I’ve cobbled together however it certainly doesn’t match my expectations, give me much room for error or give me a chance in hell of winning. If I get first pick again I’m going to try and trade it for 3rd/4th.

Ah well. As long as I don’t come last….which thinking about it is highly possible, if not certain.


Stay posted for more terrible news.

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