Six of the Best: Bad Tackles

6. Nigel de Jong kicks a Spaniard in the heart!

A classic from the last world cup final!  Nigel de Jong decides to Kung Fu kick Xabi Alonso square in the chest.  He didn’t even get a red for this little number.

5. Pinzi on Downing

Its not brutal but we love it because Giampiero Pinzi makes absolutely no pretense of going for the ball.



4. Harald Schumacher’s assualt on Patrick Battiston

A short video but an absolute classic, Harald Schumachers’s devastating attack on Patrick Battiston in the 1982 World cup put the French defender in coma and left him missing several teeth.  If you think it was harsh that De Jong wasn’t given his marching orders, this little beauty wasn’t even given as a foul!


3.The Entire Cameroon team vs Claudio Cannigia

The eventual credit goes to Cameroon defender Benjamin Massing but really the whole team deserves a mention for this!  Three of the team make an effort to stop the Son of the Wind in this 1990 world cup game which the Cameroonians won.  Massing was the one that got the job done in the end, planting his foot so hard through Cannigia that he leaves his boot behind before being shown his marching orders!


2: Roy Keane vs Alf Inge Haaland

Another absolute classic and to be honest we could have a Six of the best Roy Keane fouls but this is widely regarded as his pièce de résistance.   Premeditated, calculated and frankly fucking cold, Keane sets out for revenge for a spat with Haaland that had been going on while Haaland was at Leeds.  Virtually ending Haaland’s career in the process, a classic foul from a classic chopper!



1. The Hurricarana

This little number committed on a Besiktas player in turkey didn’t even draw a foul but its so absolutely spectacular we found a video that explains the mechanics!  Mind boggling athleticism in this beauty and remember kids, don’t try this at home!

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