Defining Moments – Joe Calzaghe vs Jeff Lacy

At The Man Times we’ve decided to a little feature looking back over the defining moments of some of sports greatest hero’s starting with Joe Calzaghe, there’s a video of the fill fight below.

On March 6th 2006 one of the greatest British boxers of all time would cement his legacy and in doing so go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time. Jeff Lacy was the great American hope for the Super Middleweight division, he went into the fight as the IBF champion and the heavy favourite from the American journalists covering the fight. Calzaghe was 5 years Lacy’s senior and the wrong side of 30, while Lacy, who had never even been knocked down in all of his previous fights was a classy power puncher and by far the most serious opponent of Calzaghe’s career.

Calzaghe had been WBO champion for 8 years at that point, fight beating another British boxing legend Chris Eubank for the title as far back as 1997. He had made 17 successful defences of his title going into the fight but nobody to that point was of the calibre of Jeff Lacy, in fact outside of Eubank there were no notable names on the list up to that point and the calibre of opponents was considered weak to the point that he wouldn’t be able to cope with the step up in class.

Lacy was a power puncher who had more power than any of Calzaghe’s post Eubank opponents. He had won the IBF title in some style and was making his 5th defence of his title that evening. He was expected to be out worked but ultimately would be able to deal handle Calzaghe’s punches who was not known for his hitting power and deliver a knockout blow of his own.

What was to follow was as masterclass in work rate boxing. Lacy was bloodied in the first, cut by the fourth and in the end the Welshman landed an incredible 1,026 punches on his opponent in this fight and won all but one round in a schooling of absolutely epic proportions. The round he didn’t win, he was docked a point. Lacy hit the deck for the first time in his career in the twelfth round but managed to get up to finish the fight. Lacy was never the same again after this fight, Calzaghe on the other hand went on to have some of the big money fights that defined him as one of the greatest super middle weights of all time.

The undisputed Super Middleweight champion then went on to fight Super Middleweight legend Mikkel Kessler before moving up to Light Heavy weight to fight American Legend Bernard Hopkins before making a mockery of Roy Jones jnr in his final fight before retirement.

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