Defences on Top – NFC Championship Game Preview

After Bumblebee Man’s rather epic preview of the AFC Championship game and the battle between two legendary quarterbacks, its been left to me to preview the NFC Championship between the League’s top to defenses. The number 1 ranked Seattle Sea-hawks and the number 2 ranked San Fransisco 49ers promises to be a very different contest. In Soccer parlons this one is likely to see defenses come out on top. The two teams are pretty much are inseparable by their Defenses so the subtle differences on offense should make the difference.


Defensive Battle Ahead

At the quarterback position the two are very similar with Kaepernick and Wilson both capable of a spectacular pass, but handy on their feet. Wilson though is a pass first QB, who will keep his eye’s down field that fraction of a second longer than Kaepernick before electing to run the ball himself, though Kaepernick himself is the more physical specimen of the two. So the difference in this game could come down the quality of the receiving targets, Seattle’s passing game hasn’t relied heavily on the receiving talents of one or two players, with a host of receivers pulling off circus catches over the weeks, whereas San Fransisco have relied heavily on Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. The return from injury of Michael Crabtree late in the season has given crucial diversity to the 49ers receiving options and could yet be the difference here.

Over the season the Sea-hawks are averaging more points per game than the 49ers and their defense has the edge, not to mention a home tie with the 12th man at their backs! However San Fransisco are significantly more of a threat when they have more receiving targets, Boldin is the 49ers leading receiver this season and has more yards than any Seattle receiver despite being double teamed most of the season. The use of Crabtree will likely give Boldin more one on one match ups which will help the 49ers keep the chains moving. As runners up last time round I get the feeling the 49ers will be itching for this one and despite the odds being against them I just think they’ll take it. Look for a big game from Vernon Davis at tight on crossing routes in front of the fearsome Seattle corner backing corps.

Will we see some dead Sea-hawks this weekend?

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