Bumblebee Man and the great NFL PLAY OFF DISASTER of 2014

Rob January 13, 2014 0
Bumblebee Man and the great NFL PLAY OFF DISASTER of 2014


At the MT some of us have decided to dabble in this years NFL playoffs and wow people, what a head f**K. The compiled stats on just about everything are truly epic but can be confusing to a newbee(!) like myself. As a consequence Mighty Bumblebee man is dead last. This situation however is hopefully temporary as I’m hoping for a miracle in the form of Marshawn Lynch, Running Back of the Seattle Seahawks to bail me out. This miracle has to happen otherwise I stand to win our league booby prize, which unfortunately although not announced will have little or nothing to do with actual boobies.

Marshawn Lynch is a giant of a man that’s done me proud and earned me many points where as one of my other picks Jimmy Graham (Tight End for the Saints), isn’t. In fact Graham was described after the match as “soft and over rated,” which isn’t a great write up for a highly paid Tight End. Thinking about it Michael Crabtree of the 49ers didn’t do me any favours either – earning me just 2 points WITH a win. 2 points for a wide receiver playing for the 49ers in my book means they turned up to the match and just stood around for a bit looking confused. Crabtree would have been more effective as a cheer leader.


Lynch – A man.


Crabtree – looking confused.


Graham – being useless.

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