Breaking News: The Man Times guilty of Rubbish Punditry.

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Breaking News: The Man Times guilty of Rubbish Punditry.

After a weekend of hard fought battles in the AFC and NFC championship games. The Patriots vs 49ers Super Bowl boldly predicted by myself and Bumblebee man will have to happen another year. After another playoff game left Michael Crabtree looking confused and Vernon Davis who I predicted the game could depend on caught only 2 balls for 16 yards. The Man Times has been left with our punditry fingers burned and our egos bruised.

The Patriots were garbage, presumably distracted by Bumblebee man’s threat to appear at a Super Bowl and the badgering Robert Kraft and those in the Patriots back office received obviously meant they decided to throw the game rather than provide him with 10 tickets and a limo. It’s the only excuse I can think of for such a garbage performance. They couldn’t throw the ball to anyone and they sure as hell couldn’t run it. Tom Brady had to resort to running touchdowns in himself.


It’s all to much for Tom

Peyton Manning on the other hand had the time of his life, the Pats offensive line couldn’t get near him and he was free to pass the ball to one of what seemed like 10 million receivers. The Nine million, Nine hundred and ninety nine thousand, nine hundred and eighty nine man advantage certainly paid off as the broncos racked up over 500 yards of offense compared to the miserly 320 yards offered by the Patriots. With an advantage of that size the Broncos would have been expected to add a lot more yards so will naturally be disappointed with that. Presumably the broncos will be forced to play a standard size roster in the Super Bowl.
















Peyton Manning… Out of this World

Shortly after this in Washington State the San Francisco 49ers were busy proving that in fact that they didn’t want it more, and didn’t want to make up for last years defeat against Baltimore. After deciding that their hearts weren’t in it, presumably during the half time team talk, the 49ers surrendered their half time advantage. They generously decided the 4th quarter should be spent ensuring Seattle had as much of the ball as possible. Ever charitable Colin Kaepernick gave it to them on two occasions in Q4 and decided to drop it on another to make sure that Seattle got the win the 49ers wanted them to have.

Michael Crabtree, still confused!

Vernon Davis, to camp to get hit.

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