What’s With Eric Decker?

Rob October 7, 2015 0
What’s With Eric Decker?

I think I like Eric Decker. After all what’s not to like? Well apart from him playing a large part in helping to destroy my fantasy season last year. I picked him up, then dropped him and then picked him up again. Like Mulder from the X files I wanted to believe.

Every time I saw a favorable match up and played him he more often than not “Deckered” all over me. This was largely due to the Broncos being spoiled for choice in terms of Wide receiver options, so probably not his fault. But there’s the rub. Although a solid fantasy choice when he wasn’t missing practice due to a shoulder injury the competition he was up against in terms of being targeted by Grand Pa Manning was immense but he was also quiet at some points. So I played him and benched him in all the wrong games- my fault!

He’s on my team again this year and I’ve already benched him due to questionable status. He of course completes and amazing catch and touch down.


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