How to pick a winner in this weeks QB super hyped NFL Play Offs

Truth, quasi – factual statistics and generalized wild speculation – the Brady Manning /Broncos Patriots Play Off
week 3.

 Bradt v

Being new to the sport in general and cherry popping fantasy activity with the play offs its apparent the match between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos is THE one to watch. It’s everywhere. After discovering that Brady Manning is actually 2 people and not one person with a personality disorder everything became clearer, in a cataractic sense. Yes I know that’s not a word.

For those that don’t know, the hype surrounding this match is largely down to the fact that the Quarterbacks (QBs) for each team (Tom Brady for the Patriots and Peyton Manning for the Broncos) have over a decade long rivalry that has been compared to Xbox vs. Play station, Ali vs. Fraizer, Ben vs. Jerry and so on. I’d prefer to think of it as a Ken and Ryu type Street Fighter situation – they both have the same moves (dragon ball, dragon punch and whirlwind kick) but one looks cooler. Which one is up to you.

In reality it’s possible to “go by the numbers,”  for each QB, it being a straight case of who didn’t screw up as much as the other one comes out on top adding in the teams respective performance.

However in an alternate reality you may want to consider factors such as the Broncos breaking records this season (although these had been set by the Patriots) but with this you’d need to factor that the Patriots are pretty impressive in a general sense and have come out convincingly on top in previous run ins.

In an inter dimensional reality and with the aid of a TARDIS (also perhaps NASA) you should also probably consider things like home
advantage, how cold it is, wind direction and of course solar flares.

Fact is you can spend hours agonizing over seemingly minor details (even though they’re probably highly relevant) that with the right
knowledge could point toward an edge in deciding the outcome.

Or you could, like me, take the match up literally and pit a wild horse against a civil war/army type guy.
Like in the picture below:

broncos v patriots

In this match up its unfortunately still very hard to pick a winner.

However in this other match up it appears the Horse is very much in control and has the upper hoof.


This could be down to the Patriot not being ready. The Horse has him in a strangle hold and he’s still in his pajamas. Clearly not ready. However, this could also be a very well executed sleeper hold employed by the horse, in which case the Patriot is in the correct attire.

Case closed? Actually no. Look at this.


In this picture the Horse has come a close second to the Patriot. It’s in the back ground taking a rest.

Even with this level of compelling evidence and hard core stat crunching it’s still a hard one to call.

You could always flip a coin but due to the last match up (pictured above), I’m going for Brady.

Special note – If anyone would like to buy me SKY SPORTS (Jerry Jones/Dallas Cowboys, Manning or Brady I’m looking at you), I can report on the action and email it directly to you.

Big win I’d think for the fans, the teams, the NFL and America as a whole.

Bumblebee man signing off.


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