How to pick a winner in this weeks QB super hyped NFL Play Off – Update

In an attempt to give the Patriots the winning impetus they need this weekend, and on the off chance they don’t read the MT in time I have decided to send them the article with a bit of a covering letter. Unfortunately I have misplaced Robert Krafts email address so thought it best to email the stadium so he can pick it up on the way into work.

Hello Patriots,

Hope you’re well.

I thought you might like a copy of our latest blog post that mentions you.

Not only is the article factual, well written and insightful I think it’s content will undoubtedly give you the morale boost required to win. I suggest sharing it with the team just before kick off for maximum impact.

In truth I’m not exactly sure how a fight between a horse and a civil war/army guy would pan out but I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt.

In light of this I’d be grateful if you could send me complimentary tickets (inc. flights, accommodation and spending money) to the game. It’s only fair.

I say this because my fellow blogger Edgey has been asked to right (!) for the Dallas Cowgirls and he can’t even spell.

I trust you find this acceptable and I’ll see you on Sunday.

Kind regards

Bumblebee Man

PS. Due to you winning, (largely down to me) I’d appreciate some super bowl tickets. 10 should cover it.

PPS. On Sunday, do I need a parking permit or can you arrange a Limo or helicopter to pick me up?

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