Cutler and Romo Sexuals Face Forte and The Trufant is out there

Another exciting pre match up review for week 7

3rd-place The Trufant is out there (5-1, 689.22) goes for their sixth straight win as they battle 5th-place Romo Sexuals (3-3, 690.40) this week. Last week, Romo Sexuals fell to A Bye 122.22 to 111.80, while The Trufant is out there knocked off Mon tees Balls, 127.88 to 120.72. This matchup could be up for grabs, with Romo Sexuals favored to win by 8.38 points according to projections.

Both teams rank in the upper half of the league in scoring. Romo Sexuals ranks fourth, averaging 115.07 points per game, while The Trufant is out there ranks fifth with 114.87. Romo Sexuals has Chris Ivory (2.90 projected points) playing in the Thursday game, while all of the starters for The Trufant is out there will play later this week. Five of the six other league matchups get going on Thursday.

The Trufant is out there has a pronounced advantage at RB, where they’re projected to beat Romo Sexuals 33.00 – 19.00.

One player on each team will be on bye this week. Romo Sexuals won’t have Cody Parkey available, while The Trufant is out there will be without Zach Ertz. Khiry Robinson (13.20 projected points) returns from bye for Romo Sexuals this week.

So the Trufant knocked of Montees balls – eww. I’m not sure I want to hear what he does to the Romo sexuals if he wins. It could be a Broke Back Mountain type gig by the sound of it.

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