6 of the Best – Premier League Own Goals

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1. Frank Sinclair vs Middlesbrough – 2001-2002

You could make a list based only on Frank Sinclairs oggies, but blink and you’ll miss this one, poor Ian Walker didn’t have a hope in hell as Frank Sinclair side foots past him from 40 yards out. Just have his team have won a free kick in the opponents half.

2. Frank Sinclair vs Arsenal 1999-2000

Frank again here, this time rising unopposed like a salmon in his own penalty area to head home against Ian Walker.

3. Elaquim Mangala vs Liverpool 2015-2016

There’s not an awful lot mangala can do about this but Its pure poetry the way the ball nestles in the bottom corner. Neat Finish.

4. Tony Popovic vs Portsmouth 2004-2005

Nothing short of an absolute belter from Popvic here, a finish worth of the bets of strikers.

5. Peter Enckelman vs Birmingham 2002-2003

I’d say you have to feel sorry for Peter Enckelman here but all he had to do was not touch the ball. You can’t score or concede direct from a throw in but his naff touch means that went against the Villans. Just to add insult to injury someone comes on and gives him the w*nker sign right up in his grill.

6. James Collins vs Man City 2014-2015

Beautiful finish from James Collins to say he gets his feet tangled up is an understatement, lobbing his keeper from 15 yards out.