Pub Opens on M40: What’s the big deal?

Wetherspoons opens Pub in M40 services, The Man Times doesn’t see the big deal.

The Hope and Champion has opened its doors for the first time. Set on the services at Junction 2 of the M40 the pub has outraged road safety groups and critics are saying its a potential disaster waiting to happen.  At the Man Times however we see things differently.  Aside from the fact we applaud the opening of any Pub, be it a new pub or just opening for the day what we are seeing here is potential Darwinism for drivers.  An Apocalypse for those who are cognitively challenged behind the wheel and in the ultimate end will likely see a huge increase in drink driving bans and massive fines.

The positively Mal-adaptive Daily Mail generation, who enjoy getting outraged at the slightest change to the world in which they like to see it seem to be screaming that this is the end of all that is sacred seem to think this is the end of the world, while other media outlets remain skeptical, people themselves are also skeptical.  “I’m not convinced it should be here” said one punter as he tucked into his breakfast with a coffee.  Wetherspoons on the other hand are particularly bullish, a company of that size is hardly likely to endorse drink driving and naturally have taken giant steps to prove that point.  Staff will be trained to help prevent this but that’s not the only reason we think this isn’t a particularly big deal.

Lets get one thing completely straight, we don’t endorse drink driving.  If you Drink and Drive, you’re an idiot, Not just an idiot, a Class A uber idiot.  If you get caught drinking after visiting the Hope and Champion you may just deserve that Darwin award.  Lets face it, there will be police  cars taking up half the spaces in the service station, it wouldn’t surprise me if the build an extension in the car park, this will be easy pickings for Berkshire police force.  They’ll be following punters out of the Car Park and pulling them before they get 100 yards.

WOOPWOOPThe latest photo of the car park outside The Hope & Champion

People who work for a living, who use the M40 regularly will likely depend on their driving license for their work.  I expect most people who value their license, and that’s most people will give the drinking and driving a miss.  This is a pub for the coach tripper, the Stag and Hen do 16 seater minibuses and the family meeting, it will make more from food sales than it does alcohol.

Those who do decide to risk it, well hopefully they get everything they deserve, because there are potentially fatal downsides to this experiment.

Thames Valley Police 2






We’ll be honest, we don’t know what to think.  Do you think the fuss about the Hope and Champion has been blown out of proportion?

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