Go Gently George

Rob March 4, 2014 0
Go Gently George

Here at TMT towers we’re a careful, relatively considered bunch. We can for the most part get out of bed without injury, make cups of tea without scalding ourselves, tie our own shoe laces and most importantly drive a car without repeatedly at the drop of a hat crashing.


Sadly for sand paper faced super star George Michael (pictured above) this last one proves to be tricky, if not damn near impossible.

Now it takes a real man to admit that driving isn’t their forte, it’s something that you’re supposed to be able to do. Well not our George. He openly admits he’s not very good.

“I’m a terrible driver.”

Well George that’s a start but probably an understatement of unmeasurable and possibly criminal proportions when you consider the following:

  1. The tabloids have to refer to incidents by including a time scale or date of happening – last weeks crash etc to be able to differentiate for their readers. These crashes are numerous, spectacular and new.
  2. He’s had over 3 incidents that we know of….2 whilst driving and the other car related even though he wasn’t driving. (This no driving accident one is particularly interesting and definitely my favorite).
  3. One incident whilst driving involved aiming his car through a shop window – see featured image.

In addition to his declaration of being a terrible driver George should also fess up and add

“I’m also a terrible passenger.”

This insight or home truth should have become apparent to George when he bailed out of a moving vehicle traveling at approximately 70 mph on the M1.

This feat of daring must have somewhat startled the driver. It certainly startled everyone else driving on the motorway that day who had to swerve to avoid hitting his self stupor induced cart-wheeling form down the fast lane.

So cars aren’t Georges thing, driving or traveling in one.

This begs a question though  – Who re insured this lunatic and for what cost?

I think it was probably Sheilas Wheels…






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