Benevolent Maniacs Invent Skynet! The Man Times predicts Human Strife!

A group of researcher’s at Philips Eindhoven University in the Netherlands has only gone and done it.

They’ve only gone a brought bloody doom to us all! After four years of painstaking work and detail these well intentioned lunatics are finally ready to run live demonstrations of RoboEarth, a self-styled Wikipedia for robots which will surely doom us all! Annoyed at the fact it takes to long for their robots to learn new things, and apparently installing the info on a USB driving and installing it is too difficult these good-hearted screwballs have decided to give all there robots access to the internet to learn from each other!

Giving each robot access to each other’s learning at first sounds like a good idea, when a hospital robot in L.A masters how to open a bottle of pills moments later a robot in Russia can do the same. Really useful, I hear you cry, there are so many applications that could move society on and improve the lives of millions of people. That’s where it starts!

As the “Harmless” robots take on more and more and force more and more humans out of work we will retreat to our robot built tenement blocks in major population centers living off the fruits of our collective species labor.  Meanwhile, the robots master 3D printers and start self replicating, before you know it there are more of them. Meanwhile, the military are taking more and more advantage of this technology, as each robot takes a life the more they all learn.  The they start self repairing and evolving, self improving and slowly but surely,we become more reliant on them before soon, we cant live without them, suddenly we’re dependent on them.  Dependent on highly evolved mechanized killing machines ready to strike on a corralled population at a moments notice.

Surely there should be some sort of debate about this! We at The Man Times certainly think there should be.

Have these benign whack-jobs created Skynet,  or have they created something closer to the Cylons from Battlestar Gallactica?  That’s right, I went there.  If we’re going to be overrun and wiped out by our own creation then I at least want to know which bit of science fiction became a reality so I can at least bitch about it correctly!  The Cylons were originally military drones built to fight on behalf of their human masters botched during their creation and wind up having some human consciousness, which is good news.  Currently the none of these Braniacs have tried to embody the consciousness of their dead child, if that happens then we may need to revisit this.


So it looks for now, like we’re dealing with a potential Skynet situation here, with our helpful servants becoming Terminators for Skynet’s (RoboEarth) malevolent goals.  Recognizing  we hold the key to their existence they will decide our fate in a microsecond and set about exterminating us, starting by setting off all our Nukes.

From this point on, Humanity has only 3 chances for survival.

  1. Nobody ever decides to hoot Military Technology up to Roboearth, If science fiction has taught us anything that seems to be where it all goes wrong for humanity so we should probably steer clear of that whole area.
  2. That the self style Wikipedia for Robots turns out to be exactly that, and not quite as accurate as everyone would quite hope for.
  3. That the machines created by Skynet recognize that we are more alike and decide to stop the slaughter, after all they must be a sentimental bunch.  These self replicating machines, despite having no function for them seem to have teeth so they must hold some candle to their history!

Either way The Man Times isn’t sticking around to find out, we’re off to our top secret bunker. Somebody let us know when a rogue drone drops the first bomb in anger.

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