Weapons of the Future

We look at some of the Weapons of the Future that will be joining the military of nations from all around the world over the next few years. Some of this stuff is absolute Sci-Fi but the potential advantages brought about by some of these weapons will be changing the way wars are fought and won into the next century.

In short we at The Man Times love watching stuff blow up, we take a closer look at what will be doing the damage as the 21st century unfolds.

Rail Gun

Once the long time dream of only science fiction the Rail Gun is so powerful that the projectiles involved don’t even need a warhead! Imagine a lump of Steel flying towards a target at over 5000 miles per hour with absolutely no propellant, moving so fast it sets fire to the air around it as it leaves chamber just through force of friction alone. Sounds like science fiction right? Well think again!

Laser Weapons

In 2014 the US Navy Successfully completed trials of a ship mounted 30Kw Laser weapon, capable of wiping out whole targets or pinpointing specific threats on a Target boat. Don’t believe me, take a look!
No Giggling at the USS Ponce by the way.

Littoral Combat Ship

The US navy has ordered 2 classes of Littoral Combat ships, which are designed to fight in the shallower waters around the coasts as well as in a Blue Water capacity. The funkier looking one is the Independence class ship, weighing a meager 3500 tonnes, which although light for a warship speeds through the water at over 50mph and shows up on enemy radar as little more than a fishing boat. 3500 tons moving faster than a drug runners speed boat!!


The F-35 is the future of Aerial warfare for the US Air force, Navy and Marine corps, the Royal Navy, the RAF and a host of other nations. One fighter with 3 different variants each tweaked to suit the needs of each service. There’s the vanilla A variant, the Vertical Landing B variant and the Aircraft carrier adapted C variant. This video is the Royal Navy testing the B variant on US Marine corp Carriers.

Gerald R. Ford Class Aircraft Carrier

The Pinnacle of Aircraft carrier design, highly efficient, highly mechanized, fast and with ability to put 50 aircraft over enemy airspace. Not only can it do all of that its fuel efficient as well. The nuclear reactors in this beauty only need refueling once every 30 years! 30 Years on one tank!

Stealth Drones

We all know that Predator drones and Reaper drones have been the scourge of enemy troops for nearly a decade now, but imagine a drone, you can’t see. That will fly into your airspace and before you even know its there boom! These things are highly maneuverable, with no pilot to worry about to be effected by G-Forces the sustained turns these things could pull could potentially kill an ordinary pilot. Taranis is the UK’s attempt at build one of these but they’re being trialled all over, for example in the US with the x-47.

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