The Anker A7809 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Review

The Anker A7809 Portable Bluetooth speaker is a beautiful little product, that’s well packaged, simple to use and provided you don’t ask too much of it, it’s a great portable speaker. The Bluetooth connection is compatible with all devices enabled with Bluetooth 2.1 and over, and is supplied with a 3.5mm audio attachment if it isn’t. It has a small but potent 2in bass port which makes it pretty powerful for a speaker of its size. Even better news is that it has an impressive 15hr play time on a built in rechargeable battery. If that wasn’t enough to stand out from the crowd further it has a built in Microphone with a range of up to 2 – feet to allow you to double the A7809 as a speaker-phone.

The device is a little over 3inches square and 2 1/3 inches tall so if we’re realistic it’s not going to power your party, but it’s more than enough to fill a decent sized room and provide some decent noise. Ultimately this is a small speaker, if you want something that will shake the foundations this obviously isn’t going to do the job. If you want something to move around the house or take with you on Holiday, its small enough, with a long enough battery life and enough wallop to more than satisfy your needs.

If you are an absolute audiophile and want something absolutely perfect then obviously you should go and drop £200 on some Bose gear but if you just want the Job done then this is more than good enough for you.

The device isn’t perfect you have a device plugged in via the 3.5mm Jack then the volume buttons on the speaker don’t work, that’s not a major issue however, as presumably your device, with a volume control on it is not too far away anyway. If you have multiple devices, (and why wouldn’t you?) then sometimes the Bluetooth will sync up with a device you don’t need it to, so switch off any devices you don’t want music to come through.

It is a bit pricy compared to other competitors on the market, but the product is generally well received and well loved by its users and given some of its advantages in battery life and looks it certainly worth considering if you are looking for a portable speaker. There are three colours available currently, a tasteful white, standard black and a rather nice blue.