Rubik’s Cube Light Review

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Rubik’s Cube Light Review

Before you buy a Rubik’s Cube light be sure to check out our Rubik’s Cube Light Review. When I first saw this I thought what a perfect idea, I thought how baffling Rubik’s cubes were as a child, and I never could complete one, mine often found themselves uncompleted in a box somewhere. If you are a geek and you are looking for a simple light or even a talking point then this is perfect for you.

An exceptionally original thought. This is a light and a Rubik’s Cube all in one. A Dream Geek Light!

It looks truly splendid and the faces are very colorful and striking when it’s on. It sits well on the triangular stand supplied with it, it would have been exceptional with a mains charger gave yet of course the vast majority have an ordinary USB phone connector or such like that they can connect the USB link to.

I’ve placed my Rubik’s Cube in various spots, by my bunk as a light (didn’t get much use) in the lounge but I get best use of it now as an anxiety easing toy or simply a something to pass the time away while I’m on the telephone.

At 12 cms square this can be a little clunky particularly for those with smaller hands. My teen little girl can play with it yet it may be a bit precarious for a little youngster to utilize. I feel however these will presumably draw in the Children of the 70’s for around their work area in the workplace instead of their kids.

The light inside is a genuinely splendid light for the size and lights up the entire cube. Though most play with it turned off, you could play with it lit up to tackle it.

No power source is given, simply the USB lead so you will require a PC or charger with a USB port to keep it charged. You can keep the light connected to a charger permanently as a light source which makes the absence of a proper power source puzzling.

It gives a decent light, is clear to utilize and it is really enjoyable to play with. Its solitary point is to be a conversation piece and that it’s truly excellent.

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