Geek Lighting Reviews

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Geek Lighting Reviews

If your a geek looking for a lighting solution, what you really need is some of our awesome geek lighting solutions! No self respecting geek should go without some of our awesome lighting ideas, I mean, can you call yourself a proper geek if you don’t have at least one of these in your home, a tribute to Tetris or a monument to Minecraft?

These are the perfect addition to any man cave, office or even desk space, put your own particular geeky lighting situation in place and really standout with instantly recognizable and funky lights.

Got kids obsessed with Minecraft, then surely they need a funky minecraft light to help them go to sleep at night? Then when they have gone to sleep you can take it out of the room, stack it on top of some more and re-enact the game in your own home. That second part might be a step to far.

Rubik’s Cube Light

This officially licensed Rubik’s cube light not only looks great but is an actual working Rubik’s cube. The Rubik’s Cube Desk Light will light up your desk, whilst providing with a great work distraction of fun conversation piece. Simply get the light and start twisting, just like an ordinary Rubik’s Cube. The light is rechargeable when mounted onto the triangular base and lasts for hours on end or it can remain plugged into a USB link when you need to give brain a rest when messing with this teaser.

LED Light Stax

LED Light Stax is a remarkable approach to making your own incredible and dazzling customized lights for your home, with numerous varieties of shades and approaches to make your own particular showstopper. Build whatever your mind can conjure up. Go wild and make incredible LED light sculptures. Requires 3x AAA batteries

Minecraft Light up Redstone Ore

you can now go to sleep at night basking in the comforting glow of the Minecraft Light-Up Redstone Ore. Touch the Redstone ore with a pick axe and it lights up the area, well you don’t need to hit this with a pick axe to brighten your room Simply tap the ore gently and it will adjust to one of three brightness settings. A great gift for any Minecraft geek such as myself.

In realaity it isn’t the precious conductive ore found deep under ground by miners such as myself, Its LED lights in a solid plastic shell. Requires 2 AA batteries.

Minecraft Light up Diamond Ore

If you play Minecraft, you will know that diamond is rare, it can take an eternity to collect enough to build anything of any use, to get an opportunity to own something like this can take a long time and at least an iron pickaxe to harvest.

In reality this is a rarer and bluer version of its red-stone cousin. Don’t actually hit it with an iron pickaxe but tap it and it will switch between a low medium and high brightness setting to keep the creepers away at night… and the zombies… and the Skeletons… and the spiders. Wow this light is really multi-functional Requires 2 AA batteries.

Tetris Version 2 Tetrimino Light

I love this gadget, in fact I own one of these which was given to me as a gift, its cool, its geeky and there are infinite possibilities. I loved Tetris on my Gameboy in the 90’s and now you can bring it to life in your lounge. Each of the blocks lights up as soon as the metal comes into contact with each other. This is mains powered too so you can crate a permanent monument to geek in your home.

Nintendo Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Neon Sign

If you’re looking for an awesome piece of wall art then you need one of these. A real Super Mario memorial neon sign. The sign measures 15″ x 10″ and is made of hand crafted glass tubes and comes with a1 year guarantee. More importantly though it looks fantastic! If you have spare wall space in you man cave then this is the perfect thing to fill the gap and salute geek!

No self respecting nerd ought to go without at least one of these. You can’t call yourself a legitimate nerd on the off chance that you don’t have one of these in your home. Even if you haven’t got children fixated on Minecraft, then you at least need two or three of these to stack it on top of some more and re-create the game for yourself. Don’t hit any mine craft lamps with a pickaxe thought, although they may look like Ore they really wont survive.

You can buy any of the items below.

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