Cards Against Humanity – Review

Edgy January 26, 2015 0
Cards Against Humanity – Review

Get to know your friends in a whole new way, by learning their dark side. If you are looking for something to do with your friends that will make you laugh so hard you’ll that your insides may just be useless for the following three days. There’s no two ways about this, if you are a prude then you aren’t getting anywhere with this game, if however like most people you’re slightly sick in the head then this is the perfect vehicle for the little voice in you who normally you keep deep down inside.

This is a Party Game for Horrible people and at the same time possibly the funniest thing you can do in the space of 3 or 4 hours, its so simple yet so clever the fun can go on and on and on. The Premise is simple, each player has 10 white cards in their hand, they’re sort of response cards. A black card is laid on the table and everyone has to try and make the funniest response to complement it. The person with the funniest answer gets a point. The first to 10, (7,15,21,4,96 doesn’t really matter) wins!

Its not a game you’d want to play with your parent’s but with some decent friends and a quantity of booze then you are on to an absolute winner. Be careful when you take a sip of your drink however, beer spewing through the nose is not pleasant and other people will laugh at your misfortune. The UK edition has been adapted from the Original American version so we get the references and there are numerous suggested custom rules which you can use to make the game even more weird and wonderful.

The game began as a Kickstarter in 2010 whereupon it made 400% of its original production goal, from then on its grown into a huge success story and proof that the party game is not dead but alive and well. If you like it and you want to play it a lot, there are numerous expansion packs available, and available at a surprisingly reasonable price. Infact the basic UK edition is a surprisingly reasonable £20 for the 550 Cards you get with it (90 Black Cards 440 White Cards) so there’s a certain amount of re-usability but after 3 or 4 goes through you will WANT more so the one of the 5 expansion packs (at £8 each) are an absolute steal, all of them makes for one chaotic but excellent evening.

If you don’t own this game then not only are you missing out but you are also stupid.

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