Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver

The Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver gets sound signal from any Bluetooth gadget remotely and pairs with your stereo speakers, earphones or car stereo meaning any device can be Bluetooth enabled. At The Man Times we’ve spent a lot of time reviewing Bluetooth speakers, well this time we’ve asked ourselves, what if there’s nothing wrong with our speakers, they’re just not Bluetooth. Whether you want to pair your Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet or even iPads and iPhones, the Aukey Portable Bluetooth Audio Receiver seamlessly pairs with any devices in a straight forward way. Simply attach the receiver to any device using a standard 3.5mm jack and you’re away!

The unit is neat and compact, less than half the size of an iPhone 6 and whether you buy the white or black versions they come in they look pretty decent and feel nicely built. It’s compact size and light weight mean the device is truly portable and its good for hours on one charge so whether you use it in the home or in your car you’ll be using it for hours before you worry. There are 2 main ports on the device, standard 3.5mm jack and a small charging port compatible with USB ports and mains charging.

Operation of the gadget is simple enough with the one multifunction button performing multiple tasks from ON/OFF, Pause/Play, And Call Answer/End functions. There is a built in microphone so if you’re car has a 3.5mm jack point somewhere then you can plug this in and your car and car stereo instantly become Bluetooth enabled!! Cool or what? The device has a built in Microphone so can act as a hands free receiver for your car. Simply press the multifunction button when a call comes in and it will answer over your Bluetooth connection.

Rather annoyingly when you get your device you’ll probably want to plug it in and start from the get go, but no. The device needs to be fully charged before you give it a whirl which takes approximately 2 hours. You can charge it off your computer using the USB port using the lead supplied or with a mains plug adapter for your USB cable. When the red light on the unit disappears it’s fully charged.

Setting up a connection from my iPhone 6 was simple enough; simply search for the device in the Bluetooth settings, and you will see something labelled BR-C1. Pair with that and after no more than a few seconds the blue LED will flash on the device and you are away. The LED will blink continuously as long as there’s a device paired to it.

This device has been tested to breaking point with many different device and speaker combo’s and has performed exceptionally, it’s one of the highest rated products in its amazon category, instead of buying a new portable Bluetooth speaker consider buying and Aukey Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver and make every speaker you own a Bluetooth speaker. If you’re considering investing in a new speaker set even though there’s nothing wrong with your existing ones, consider simply installing this first and it will give your speaker set a new lease of life!

Along with the Bluetooth Receiver itself you receive a 3.5mm audio cable, 3.5mm Jack male to 2 RCA male cables and a USB charging cable. This device is an absolute steal and can give any of your speaker sets a new lease of life!