Philips OneBlade Review By A lazy Man

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The Philips OneBlade, a nifty little razor that brings together a traditional razor blade, an electric razor and clippers.

Being exceptionally lazy when it comes to most things but especially shaving I tend to let things get out of hand resulting in a situation that forces me down the traditional wet shave route. This can be both potentially dangerous and definitely annoying. Dangerous in the sense that along with being lazy I’m also surprisingly impatient, resulting in my face springing crimson leaks. Annoying in so far as having left the hair growth get too long for an electric razor I try using one anyway and end up having the hair pretty much pulled out of my face. If you’ve never experienced this I say give it a go. It’s character building which is code for extremely painful.

Other than the CBA factor of wet shaving, the inherent danger the activity entails and having to have the requisite “stuff” to hand (razor that’s newish, shaving foam, bandages and ambulance with your blood type on standby) you also run the very real possibility of generating yourself a shaving rash or worse – in grown hairs.

Whilst my skin is weathered enough to withstand the onslaught of me with a razor as to avoid rash, I do suffer from the occasional in grow hair which are extremely annoying. Usually resulting in me trying to be sensible and exfoliating the area to release the hair but often ends up with me digging it out with a pin and some tweezers.

So the answer to avoiding catastrophic blood loss and DIY hair removal is to use the Phillips OneBlade. With the guard on (there’s three “stubble combs” of 1, 3 and 5mm length) you can do all the beard trimming you want. The OneBlade is apparently also suitable for erm, “manscaping” which I’ll leave well alone…

In terms of closeness, the Phillips OneBlade doesn’t match a wet shave but that’s fine with me and the local hospital. It’s close enough to look like you’ve just had a shave which is what counts I suppose.

Kit wise you have a couple of options. You can get a standard pack for an Rrp of £39.99 which consists of 1 Phillips OneBlade rechargeable electric razor (45 mins use), 1 2-pin charging plug suitable for razor points in the bathroom, 3 stubble combs and 1 replaceable blade that lasts up to 4 months. The second option is rrp £59.99 and as follows – 1 Phillips OneBlade rechargeable electric razor, 1 2-pin charging plug suitable- 2 blades, one for your face and one for your body(!), travel pouch, 4 stubble combs (1, 2, 3 and 5 mm) + body comb (3 mm) plus a click-on skin guard for extra protection on sensitive areas. It also comes with a longer-lasting battery – aproximately 60 minutes of use should you have that much hair!

The Phillips OneBlade has a waterproof handle so you can also “wet shave” with them using foam. Good to know I suppose but I’m not sure it’s required – as I said I’m lazy.

I bought the £39.99 version for a bit less – but you can now get the £59.99 version on amazon for about £30 ish and I’m a bit gutted with that. The replacement blades cost about £11-15 each but you can get bundles cheaper. So if I were you I’d get the more expensive one as it at least has 2 blades and the other stuff should you need it!

So all in all I’d highly recommend the Phillips OneBlade – the razor heads although seemingly expensive lasts for ages and thankfully doesn’t require any patience or skill to use. In actual fact it probably works out cheaper than constantly replacing wet shave blades with 5+ dangerous blades.

Buy one now and don’t be a slave to the Gillette corporation!

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