Ryobi One+ Tool System Review

If you are a man, you need a decent set of tools and the Ryobi One+ tool system should be the first tools in your box. All men should have at least one tool box filled with some of your staples, hammers spanners, screwdrivers etc. but the measure of a man is the quality of his power tools. I don’t make the rules it’s just my job to convey them to you and at The Man Times we have found the best set of tools if you are in the market for some new ones. I am a Ryobi One + user and I have to say they are among the handiest things in the world! We love them so much we decided to open a store for them!

The chances are that you already have a series of various cordless and corded power tools, each cobbled together from half a dozen manufacturers or handed down to you from your parents and are a million years old fraying at the wires and notoriously unreliable, you’re battery from your power drill doesn’t fit your jigsaw, the battery only lasts 20 minutes in your jigsaw because it’s so cheap and the cable on your hammer drill is so short that its only useful if you are drilling within 2 and a half feet of a plug socket. What you really need is an inexpensive and quick system to help you accomplish your DIY projects faster without compromising on the quality of the tool. We all know a poor workman blames his tools but if his tools are rubbish then he’s entitled too! So as you look in your garage at the nightmare wondering what if there was a solution to the nightmare unfolding itself before you.

Ryobi’s genius One+ system will help you say goodbye to inconsistent battery life, a line of batteries waiting to be charged, short cables and dodgy second hand tools. The system is simple one battery plus whatever tool you need, whether that tool is a sander, power drill, jig-saw Fein saw or even a torch any tool from the Ryobi One+ family will fit any battery from the One + family. Not only does this have huge time saving benefits there are also massive space saving benefits and money saving benefits too! Doing some work around a mate’s house? No problem, one battery plus three tools and away you go, short on space one battery will power all your tools and save you loads of space. The best part is, you save money when buying the tools as well, without having to buy an expensive battery and charger set with every tool as well.

Battery Family and Chargers

The 18V Lithium battery family supplied with the latest the current Ryobi One+ Range are an upgrade on the older NiCad ones that would eventually suffer from performance degradation. So you get more bang for your buck for longer. There are three batteries in the family making sure you only pay for what you need saving you money in the long run.

The smaller 1.3Ah battery enters the market from £36 and offers 10% more longevity than Ryobi’s largest old NiCad battery and is more compact and lightweight to boot. If you are a light user then this is perfect for you, it should be all you need, if you tend to embark on some longer projects then you might want to look at the middle of the range 1.5Ah battery which lasts 25% longer, this comes with a handy fuel gauge also. If you are a heavy duty user then Ryobi’s largest 4Ah battery is the first 4Ah battery on the market for power tools, this has all the longevity you need for some of the most intense projects.

The genius of the system comes to the fore even more when you consider that these three different batteries all run off the one charger. meaning you don’t have to mess around finding specific chargers for specific tools. One charger that charges all the batteries you may own, even better if you have an old Ryobi NiCad batteries with a compatible it will charge one of those too which is a really handy feature.
Ryobi also offers top up kits offering different battery and charger packs, so you can get whatever kit you need in whatever order you need it in and not have to worry about whether you have a battery for it. Whether you need 1 battery or 4 doesn’t matter! Ryobi even make a 6 port battery charging station which will systematically charge all your batteries for you. Each port has an indicator to let you know where each battery is up to so if you’re a tradesmen or a seriously heavy user then you’ll always have a battery or two to spare! Whatever your line of work and whatever your situation there’s no way you are going to find your project or work halted by a flat battery!

Starter Kits

Ryobi offer Several starter bundles with their 2015 One+ system so you can get started acquiring bits of the one+ system for as cheaply as possible. For under £100 you can get a standard 1.3Ah battery, a charger, tool bag and 18V hammer drill. Once you have the charger and the battery you can add bits as freely as you need. If you need something more then the twin drill pack with Ryobi One+ The CDC1802 One+ Drill/Driver suitable for drilling light masonry, woods and metals and changeable to low speed screw driving for quick and easy use. Also included in the twin pack is the LLCDI18022 One+ Combi Hammer Drill for dealing with the proper masonry drilling and heavier labour. With two batteries an accessory pack and a charger this is a steal at under £160. Take a look at our Ryobi One+ Store for a look at some of the great starter offers that are on offer at the moment, prices start at just £98!


If you’ve already got yourself a battery pack, a charger and perhaps something to start your collection, you’re going to need some tools. On the whole Ryobi tools are renowned for their excellent value, durability and quality. The One+ system has dozens of options for you to add to your tool kit. Whether you’re doing some serious DIY, some gardening or something as simple as putting up shelves, there’s a tool in the 2015 One+ System for you.

We’ve taken a closer look at just some of the tools in the New Ryobi One+ system. The tools listed are all suplied without battery so take that in mind.

Ryobi CJS180LM One+ 18V Jigsaw with Laser

The Ryobi CJS-180LM jigsaw will pair with any 18V battery in the Ryobi one plus family. It features an awesome laser guide to ensure that your cutting remains straight and true using the 4 stage pendulum action for the best cutting performance. Changing the blade is a piece of cake, the 2015 Ryobi CJS-180LM jigsaw uses a tool-less blade clamp for quick and easy changes. The saw itself accepts bayonet and universal fixings fitted behind the die cast aluminium housing. Adjusting the bevel is a doddle as well as well with the tool-less base adjuster offering settings from 0 to 45 degrees.

The soft trigger allows you to vary the cutting speed to give you total control which coupled with the anti-splintering device which oscillates the blade away from the object you’re cutting on the down-stroke to ensure only the sharp blades are in contact with the cutting face means you are always guaranteed a great job. Ryobi’s gripzone overmould technology offers improved comfort with a positive and responsive grip to help you get the best results.

This saw has gotten rave reviews for its low cost and high performance, plus it has a laser and that’s cool!

Ryobi RAD 1801M One+ Right Angle Drill

For all those hard to reach places you need the Ryobi One+ Right Angle Drill. Its compact size and lightweight allow you to get places most other drills fail to reach and features a rotating base to help you make the best of any tight spot. Its two gears allow with variable speed and reverse options allow you to drill or screw in the tightest spots with minimal effort. Changing the bit is easy too with the 10mm key-less chuck which features and automatic spindle lock meaning you only need one hand to change the bit.

There drill is designed around comfort and easy of use in the tightest spaces, a magnetic drill bit holder is located at the base of the drill along with housing for 2 screwdriver attachments, of which two are included. The Ryobi RAD 1801M features are Large trigger switch for a better grip and the grip itself consists of a Dual-material non-slip, anti-vibration handle. There’s a small LED torch just under the drill’s contact point to shed as much light as possible in the areas you are working. If you’re going to be working in tight and tricky spots, whether they’re in your attic, under your stairs this tool offers everything you need to get the job done.

This may not be the most popular tool in your bag but it’s low cost means you can buy one and call on it when needed with any of the One+ batteries. It will be a life saver when you do!

Ryobi RLM18X40H240 18V Lithium Fusion Cordless Lawnmower

You read that correctly! The one+ system is compatible with a lawn mower… A lawn mower!! The Ryobi RLM18X40H240 fusion technology uses two of the largest 18v 4Ah Lithium-Ion batteries combined to power the mower creating a powerful 36V mower with enough charge to mow 600 square meters on just one charge, which is more than enough for your average sub-urban back garden! That equates to 45 minutes! Two batteries are included with the mower so if you start you’re one+ collection here you’ll never need to buy another battery.

Everything about the Ryobi One+ lawn mower is simple to use and operate, when the box arrives at your house you need simply lift the mower from the box, extend the handle fit the grass box and plug in the batteries and you’re away. It’s that simple! The mower is adjustable from heights of 20mm to 70mm with a simple adjustment and the specially designed aerodynamic cutting deck housing a 40cm steel blade ensures as much of that grass gets delivered to the 50L mulching box as possible.

The vertebrae design is the latest in Ryobi’s ergonomics with comfortable grips and handles to ensure maximum fatigue free use. Simply mowing the lawn will never be the same again!

Advanced Ryobi Power Tools One + CCC-1801MG Green Corner Cat Sander

The Ryobi CCC1801M 18V Place Sander can be a extremely versatile hand-held electric power sander providing the rate coupled with the aggressiveness of a belt sander and have demonstrably better end results to those of a typical, slow-moving rate orbital finishing sander. The wireless engineering gives flexibility to help provide a better finish in most hard to reach areas. The hook and loop attachment technique allows for speedy attachment changes with the greatest of ease. This kind of light in weight sander in addition includes a lock in place setting on the trigger permitting constant use over those larger surface areas.

Being part of the Ryobi One plus range the CCC1801M is compatible with any one plus battery, the worlds largest interchangeable tool system, a single battery powers over thirty five garden and electric power tools doing away with this added expenditure of buying extra battery power. The spacious 140mm by 100mm sanding sheets can also be found in our accessories store.

Ryobi P704 18-Volt One+ Worklight

The Ryobi P704 18-Volt One+ Worklight delivers greater performance and flexibility. Lightweight and durable you’ll never get stuck in the attic or caught short in a power cut ever again. The clever design allows the P704 to sit flush on a work bench, vertically or even be hung on a wall with no modification needed. The handy adjustable swivel head can be moved to ensure you get the best possible light levels in your workspace.

At 30% brighter than previous Ryobi models you’ll be certain to brighten up any workspace. The lens cover is removable and bulb changes are simple and quick ensuring you’re back to work as quickly as possible. Whatever you’re doing shine a little light on it!

The Upshot

The Ryobi one + system is a cost effective way to build your collection of tools meaning no job can be to big or too complicated. The seperation of battery and tool means you never need to spend money on unnecessary battery packs and mess around with different batteries, cords and cables ever again. There are over 30 tools in the One+ system from a hand vacuum to a hammer drill. With a selection of Drills, screwdrivers and saw’s DIY is easy, struggle round the garden? No problem there’s one plus tools for that too, from hedge trimmers to shears and saw poles.

Whatever you need to do the job Ryobi One+ has it.

Checkout The Man Times Ryobi One plus store.