Ryobi 18V One Plus Multi-Tool Review

The Ryobi RMT1801M 18V Lithium-ion Multi Tool is a fully interchangeable and versatile multi tool and part of the Ryobi One+ range we’ve been busy reviewing our way through here at The Man Times. Ryobi One + is the world’s largest interchangeable tool system and the One + Multi Tool is an important part of that set.

This tool comes with a universal accessory adaptor making it compatible with a range of accessories even from other manufacturers so you can go out and by consumables like sanding sheets and say blades as cheaply as possible. It features a hassle free attachment changes that enable you to change between cutting, sanding and sawing in a flash. An integrated LED light ensures that your working area is always well lit and safe to work in.

As all Ryobi One+ Tools are compatible with all One+ Batteries the 18v mechanism is powerful enough to accomplish any drills and despite its lower cost than other manufacturer’s equivalent 18v multi-tools the Ryobi One+ Multi Tool is more than capable of going toe to with some of the best on the market in performance. Even the smallest 1.3Ah battery is good enough for 30 minutes of constant use which is more than sufficient for most household tasks. The Largest 4Ah battery lasts long enough to keep this running for hours, which in regular household usage s may as well be a month!

The Ryobi RMT1801M is the perfect multi tool for cutting in hard to reach areas, Fein sawing and sanding into difficult corners and tight spaces; it is an essential for most DIY enthusiasts. The Bare Tool is available for around £80 and is supplied with a flush cutting blade, a wood/metal cutting blade and a sanding pad, all of which attach to the universal accessory adapter. A hex key is supplied to do all attachment changes.

Whether you’re cutting plaster to fit plug sockets, sanding tight corners of wooden Windows, cutting the ends of nails and screws or other carpentry and joinery around the house the Ryobi one plus multi tool is the tool for you.

Ryobi uses New Lithium ion batteries in all its One plus tools to reduce weight, increase battery life and suffer no memory effect on the battery, meaning each battery is more durable and longer lasting than their NiCad equivalent.

This tool shown here is supplied as a bare tool meaning it does not come with any batteries. You can get all the accessories, batteries and the Ryobi one plus 18V Lithium-ion Multi Tool from our store