Project Tex-Mex Telecaster – The modding of Consuela part 2

Rob January 27, 2015 0
Project Tex-Mex Telecaster – The modding of Consuela part 2

In the last post I said we’d be taking Consuela South of the border.

Well as it turns out I don’t know where Texas is in relation to Mexico. I actually do, it’s up. So that would mean we’re going North of the border which I hear is a lot harder to do.

Unless of course you dig a tunnel like in that program “Weeds” which started well, tailed off towards the middle and I have no idea about the end because I couldn’t stand the tedium. Come to think of it I don’t think they were in Texas either…

Anyway, I digress.

Here we are at part 2. I ordered a set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups – yes this would be the Tex in the Tex-Mex. These pickups are synonymous with a traditional Blues, Rock and Country style sound.

They’re rated as “hot” which essentially means that they are over wound which gives them an increased output, presence and mid range. In short they put your guitar into over drive and make it scream.

They look like this:


They were ordered and arrived.

I took Consuela to my friendly local guitar shop for them to be fitted as I have no confidence in my own abilities and wanted it done properly.


I called back in a day or so later to check on the progress and got some mixed news.

Firstly the bad.

The bridge pickup on the new Texas set wasn’t giving an output reading – it was faulty. This meant potentially having to send it back to Fender which would be expensive and take several weeks – Fender live in California you see. And that’s miles away.

Now the good.

On removing the pickups that were to be replaced the bridge pick up turned out to be made by a company called Seymour Duncan. These guys know how to make pickups. The pickup in question (after some help from the good people of the Seymour Duncan forum) turned out to be a Vintage. Either a Broadcaster or an older Five Two STL-52 – both sought after and a great sound. and heres a picture:



Here’s a shot of the operation:


The removal of the Seymour Duncan pickups revealed it had more extra wiring than is typical, especially for the standard 3 way tone switch found on most Telecasters. Not being one to miss an opportunity I had a 4 way tonal switch installed to take advantage of the extra depth of sound. That is when the bridge pick up gets sorted……

Next part 3.


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