Project Tex Mex Telecaster – The modding of Consuela Part 1

Rob January 23, 2015 0
Project Tex Mex Telecaster – The modding of Consuela Part 1

A new one for the Man times. Guitar projects.

After watching numerous blues performances on You tube I recently acquired at a great price a Mexican made Fender Telecaster Standard from a friendly local guitar dealer.

She’s a beauty – made in the Fender factory in Ensenada, Mexico in 2001. I’ve named her Consuela as it seems apt. Black guitar body, white pick guard, Maple neck and what I thought were standard pickups that sound great.

Annoyingly the previous owner – or one of them, decided it’d be a fantastic idea to place some star stickers on the front. Why I really don’t know. What’s worse is that they removed them with what I can only guess to be a Brillo pad or wire brush. The effect being a lovely swirly scratch outline of 2 stars.

Absolute and total utter philistine.

Luckily the scratch marks don’t appear to be that deep and are only visible close up. Hopefully a quick go with some T-cut will go some way to undo the crime, I’ll test on the back just in case.

Here’s a picture of the marks, any suggestions before t cutting would be welcome…


There is also another magic star patch at the top of the body, near the strap button but this doesn’t seem to photo well, but its there and it’s equally annoying.

Stay tuned (!) for part 2, the upgrade. We’re going South of the border people.

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