Sticky Chorizo Beer Snack

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Sticky Chorizo Beer Snack

Beer Snacks are en vogue at the minute, they raise your gathering from a simple booze-up to a full on box social or even better, a soiree!

The trick to a good beer snack is that its bite size, simple to make and they taste really good. If you can add a bit of heat, or some acidity it will help clear your palate so your beer will taste better! This beer snack has 4 ingredients, that’s it, 4 and even better it can be ready in 10 minutes flat.

1 Chorizo Ring
2 Cloves of Garlic
Red Wine Vinegar
Runny Honey

Cut the string off the end of the Chorizo ring and bin it.

Chop the Chorizo in to 1 inch(ish) chunks. Then chop those chunks in half.

Thinly slice the two cloves of garlic.

Throw the Chorizo and Garlic into a frying pan on a medium-high heat.

Keep moving the moving the pain and keeping the Chorizo turning to stop it burning on one side.

When the Chorizo starts to burst open slightly on the inside(i.e. the side that without the skin) then drain away any excess oil leaving just a little residue in the pan.

Put the pan back on the heat and add a decent glug of Red Wine vinegar, If we’re being neurotic about it then 3 tablespoons.

When the red wine vinegar starts to boil off add in a tablespoon and a half of runny honey.

Give it a couple of minutes, turning the Chorizo to make sure it doesn’t burn with the extra sugar in it.

When there’s a bit of the Liquid left in the bowl, take it off the heat and serve it in a bowl with either forks or if you don’t want to add to the washing up then just some cocktail sticks!

Instant Beer Snack. Instant Classiness and the best part is, its not complicated and it doesn’t cost a lot to throw in.

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