Mojo Verde Sauce – use it with potatoes, fish, chicken and especially pork!

mojo verde sauce, good with pork, fish and potatoes.

This sauce is from the Canary Islands and typically served with the fantastic small, salt encrusted potatoes known as Papas Arrugadas (recipe coming). There is a red version which is good but this ones mean and green. It goes great with fish and meat – especially Secreto Iberico, a seared cut of Iberian acorn fed pig which unfortunately is hard to find in the UK, if you can find it use it. If not use a decent cut of pork loin steak….

You will need:

1 large bunch of coriander
1/2 a large bunch of flat leaf parsley
4 or 5 large garlic cloves
2 small green bell peppers, stalks/seeds removed and diced.
1-2 teaspoons sea salt to taste
1/4 teaspoon cumin
230 ml of good extra virgin olive oil
white wine vinegar (a glug or two) for sharpness

Start by removing the stems from the coriander and parsley and roughly chop the leaves.
Chop the garlic and mash it to a pulp in a pestle and mortar.
Place the coriander, parsley, garlic, chopped pepper, sea salt and cumin to a blender or food processor whizz to break everything down
Drizzle in the olive oil while blending slowly – don’t over blend!
Add the vinegar to taste, and add more salt and cumin if required.

Keeps in the fridge for a week or 2, use it with most things..

Buean Provecho!