How Can I Eat More Bacon? Bacon Wrapped Spring Onions

Bacon wrapped spring onions

As we all know bacon makes everything better. The question is, how do I get to eat more of it? Aside from breakfast and as an addition to a sandwich, bacon is largely neglected as a major food group. Studies we’ve made up have shown that volume of bacon consumed is directly proportional to happiness. So we should eat more of it.

Here’s an interesting way to get more bacon into your diet and make everything better….

Bacon wrapped spring onions. Very simple to make and thoroughly pleasing.

You will need the following:

Streaky bacon
Bunches of spring onions
Cocktail sticks

Start by rinsing and drying the spring onions and turning your grill onto high. If you’ve got a BBQ going all the better.
Depending on the size I tend to find 3-4 spring onions laid together work per rasher of bacon.

Lay a streaky rasher on a chopping board and starting with the “bulb” end of the spring onion at a 45 degree angle roll the rasher around and up the length of the onion until bound around it.

Using a cocktail stick secure the bacon at each end so it doesn’t unravel and then trim off any of the hollow green leafy bits (tops) that aren’t wrapped in the bacon.

Repeat the above process until satisfied you have enough, which is obviously loads!

Place on kitchen foil and under the grill.

Turn every few minutes until the bacon is cooled and starts to crisp.

Remove from the grill and slice into inch long pieces, the bacon should have molded together whilst cooking so take out the cocktail sticks as they’ve done their job. Failure to do this last stage can be painful whilst eating!

Eat immediately.