Burger of the Month October 2014

Burger of the Month October 2014 from our fiends at Sauce n Wings http://www.saucewings.com/

Thin Sliced Roast Beef, NorthShore style bbq sauce, horseradish mayo, cheese & onion strings.
This is it, the traditional Roast Beef Setup, whether your favorite place called it Sauce Mayo Cheese like mine, or the Three Way like Chef Dyer’s, those of us who grew up in this north of Boston region know and love our roast beef sandwiches. Whether after a high school football game or a half day we were sure to pound down our fair share of the delicious creations.

We made great strides to get the authentic bbq sauce flavor and craft just the right roast beef. But of course we had to take it up a level with our juicy burger patty, and some crispy onion strings. We think we have created a Hybrid that will bring back memories of yesterday and make new ones for tomorrow.
Its the North beef Burger, and its available for a limited time.

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