Jose Cuervo Reposado

photoWell it’s a slow day here in the TMT office as some of us might have had a bit to much fun at the TNDC (Thursday Night Drinking Club) event last night mentioning no names (looking at Paul). Was cracking evening but I only finished cleaning the bar at 3 this morning so I am putting up an easy one today.

You all know and have probably tried it, Jose Cuervo Reposado. It’s not a terrible tequila but for the price bars could stock better. People know the brand though so bars tend to stock it. Next time you’re in you local establishment why not try asking the landlord if he can get Sauza Reposado from his supplier should be the same price and then you can see for yourselves which you prefer, as with all drinking it is down to individual taste.

As you can see from the attached picture I don’t mind finishing off a bottle every now and again this particular one was shared with my good friend The Don, shots of tequila and BBQ’ed meat you can’t beat it, oh and my own salsa (I’ll put the recipe up at some point).

I use to play a very silly game with this stuff when much younger and I advise no one to try this game. We called it 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 4 basically after every pint you double the amount of chases. We never got past 8 for obvious reasons. Please DO NOT play this game.

The Don has just reminded me of a game you can play, Quarters. If yo are not familiar with the game it is pretty easy. The way we play it is with a shot glass between us at the bar (have a really good bar of hard wood) and a US quarter. Fill the glass with tequila not surprisingly. Then take it in turns to bounce the Quarter off the bar and into the shot glass. If you get it in the other person takes the shot if you have more than one you nominate who takes the shot.



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