Syntrox Germany Digital Beer Cooler with Pump – Review

The Germany Digital Beer Cooler like others of its ilk removes the need for annoying CO2 pumps only these guys seemed to make a big deal out of it, which is odd to say the least. Their patented pump design guarantees a head on your pint but that doesn’t seem out of sorts with any other system we’ve seen here. As always it works with 5l standard barrels but for some reason this one comes with an adapter for different barrel types and a free barrel opener, which will take the top clean off a barrel. We haven’t seen this particular feature but it sounds like an interesting and perilous addition to the kit.

The barrel on this system is pretty easy to install and while a similar size to some of its rivals, with a decent sized drip tray which is practical and easily cleaned with space for two glasses, a cable tidy at the back its one of the more practical options in the beer dispenser market, that said none of these are exactly rocket science so I don’t see why standard features are such a big deal to this particular manufacturer.

The system itself is 72w so a bit more powerful than some of the other options on the market so it will chill your beer a bit faster than some of the competitors on the market but some of those are the equivalent of pointing a fan at the keg. This one however seems to do a better job than most. The manufacturer Syntrox love an eye for detail so having a light that tells you whether the system is switched on or not is obviously an important feature for them, however like most of their competitors there is an LCD display with the temperature of your barrel on it, so if you can’t see the temperature you can assume the system is off anyway. One wonders if that’s where the extra 8w of power go in this system compared to others we’ve mentioned.

The built in cooling system is works nicely and the device isn’t particularly noisy so that’s a plus, the most important feature though is that it pulls a good pint and the temperature of the beer inside is nice and cold. The manufacturers of this are German and finding non – English hints and tips on the thing can be a little problematic so hopefully you will have found this little synopsis helpful. That being said most manufacturers of this sort of equipment are German, because they’re a lot better at beer than the rest of the world, except maybe Belgium. It’s still a little pricey compared to its competitors but it does have an ON/OFF light and an LCD temperature display so you do get what you pay for in some respects. As with most home beer pumps the value for money you get is derived more from the cost of the Kegs you put in it and the quality of the beer in those kegs so we’ve placed a few decent offers below for you if you’re tempted. If you were tempted to put a 5L keg of Carling in it, I wouldn’t bother.

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